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B & DThe B & D Independence Company seat base is designed to make transferring possible in the 10" lowered floor minivan or a full sized van conversion. When used with the factory power 6-way seat or the Delco after market 6-way power unit, it gives the individual control of infinite adjustment to the seat position for driving and transferring.



Braun products include:
Wheelchair lift systems
Chair Topper for Automobiles
Companion seat: The Companion Seat was specially designed for domestic minivans to assist those with limitations that make it difficult to lower to or rise from a seated position. The system utilizes the vanís original seat, but replaces the existing seat base with a unique power base. When not needed, it functions as a normal passenger seat


Our products: Bruno stair lifts, vehicle lifts and Turning Automotive SeatingTM (TAS) open up new vistas of independence for many. Our stairlifts help overcome the barriers that stairs in your home can create. A Bruno stairlift in your home allows you to stay in your home and enjoy it to the fullest! With electric scoote wheelchair lifts and Turning Automotive Seating in our product lineup, we're able to equip almost any vehicle: automobiles, vans, pickups, minivans and SUVs.


Drive-Master and its dealers provides a complete line of state of the art mobility solutions for the physically challenged driver. We specialize in custom steering, brake, lift and drop floor systems. Drive-Master also carries a full line of personal mobility products, Advanced Electronic Vehicle Interface Technologies (AEVIT), and custom Van conversions.

E-Z Access Ramps 

E-Z Lock

Image: EZ Lock Logo

The EZ Lock wheelchair docking system is a simple and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle. Operation of the EZ Lock system couldn't be easier. The automatic locking mechanism simply requires that you guide your wheelchair over the top of the lock until the interface on your wheelchair is fully engaged into the docking station. Once you have reached your destination, release the wheelchair from the station with the touch of a conveniently located push-button switch.



Q'Straint is an internationally recognized company known for its commitment to manufacturing the highest quality wheelchair and occupant securement systems
Q'Straint securement systems have exceeded the dynamic test requirements of both SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 Wheelchair Tie-Downs and Occupant Restraint Systems for Use in Motor Vehicles and have a proven track record of providing safe transport for a wide range of transportable wheelchair and their occupants.