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Commercial vehicles

Weather your business is looking for transport buses or ambulette’s , Accessible Mobility has the vehicle to fit your needs. From a variety of seating arrangements, to different types of bus styles, you can be sure that we have the vehicle that is right for your businesses needs.
NEW! MobilityGroup offers Accessible and Specialty vehicles based on the Dodge (Mercedes-Benz) Sprinter. Click here for details



 Perfect for:

  • Church Groups

  • Tour Groups

  • Nursing homes

  • Transportation companies

  • Hotels

  • Para transit companies

 Reasons to buy our products:

  • Lowest body repair/maintenance cost of any midsize bus.

  • Exterior body will maintain brand new look.

  • Body will not rust.

  • Engineered for rider comfort.

  • Broad range of interior and exterior options to meet your needs.

  • Buses ranging from 12 to 33 passenger capacity.

  • Buses with or without wheelchair lift systems.

 Seat Options Available:

  • 1 Passenger Bus Seat

  • 1 Passenger ADA Flip Seat

  • 2 Passenger Side Facing Flip Seat

  • 2 Passenger Forward Facing Flip Seat

  • 2 Passenger ADA Flip Seat

  • 3 Passenger Side Facing Flip Seat

  • 3 Passenger Flip Forward Facing Seat